Our Approach

For KTH, our approach to meaningful transformation and black economic empowerment remains top of mind in all business activities. KTH has committed itself to establishing a balance between achieving commercial success and fulfilling the broader commitment to socio-economic development and transformation of society. Making a sustainable difference in communities is a national imperative and, based on the founding legacy and principles of the organisation, we look to partner with entities that share similar values. We encourage our staff to get involved in initiatives where they can make a difference in the lives of ordinary people.

Historically, KTH has made contributions to Kagiso Charitable Trust ("KCT") and Tiso Foundation ("TF") in support of their work in the education space. Education plays a fundamental role in uplifting some of the marginalised people in our communities and support in this arena has been a driving focus for the organisation. While both KCT and TF are leaders in implementing effective programmes across the education spectrum, their long term involvement with the Kagiso Group of companies is a testament to the importance of investing resources into programmes that encompass early childhood development, primary, secondary, tertiary education (including post graduate) and artisan training programmes.

Please refer to the KCT and TF websites for a comprehensive list of programmes and operational strategies.