Investee companies

Investment Approach

KTH boasts a track record of investment performance and creating long term sustainable shareholder value. The group’s impeccable BEE credentials allows us to partner with strong companies (as an empowerment partner) and assist those companies to create wealth for all shareholders. As a result, KTH currently has a portfolio of investments comprising market leading companies across key sectors. With the creation of KTH, the group is now poised to leverage this experience to become a leading investment company across Africa.

KTH focuses on investing in companies in specific sectors with strong, involved management teams. We are active shareholders of reference in our portfolio companies, through participation at board level and the various sub-committees. These companies are generally, high growth or cash generative and meet our investment criteria of inter alia generating market related returns for KTH. We maintain a long-term horizon and can therefore partner with companies throughout cycles without any pressure to exit.

KTH sees the African continent as its primary market and will seek to manage a portfolio spanning across various sectors on the continent.

We adhere to the strictest code of ethical and professional conduct as an organization and ensure that through our participation in various corporate governance structures of our investee companies, the highest standards of corporate governance are adhered to. KTH believes it can be a catalyst for the transformation of our society by assisting to drive a broad based transformation agenda in our portfolio companies. We are equally proud of the charitable work and social agenda of our key shareholders and seek to invest in companies that share these values.